About AGC

Adolphson-Gray Consulting (AGC)  was founded by Shaun Adolphson and Grant Gray  in 2014 and have combined experience of over 30 years in the ICT domain.  

Our core competencies include:
Consulting with vendors and manufacturers,
Project planning, requirements elicitation and specification,
System level programming, threads and sockets,
Software integration,
Build and configuration management,
Test suites, tools and automation,
Release management process,
Linux kernel/driver development,
Cross compilation tool-chains and build systems,
Target abstraction and emulation,
C, C++ and Java languages, data structures and libraries,
ARM, MIPS microprocessors,
Linux/embedded, FreeBSD, Solaris,
Network services including HTTP, SMTP, POP3, MIME, FTP etc.,
TCP, IP, UDP, packet capture, filtering, routing, switching,
Database platforms including PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite,
Modelling, design using UML, E-R and object oriented methods,
Free/Open Source Software and licensing.

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Adolphson-Gray Consulting is a vendor of professional services in the ICT domain. We are available for ad-hoc, short and long term engagements.